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Rue Batibois,Bonapriso. Douala;Cameroun


Rue Batibois,Bonapriso. Douala

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At PeeX we know you work hard and any fraction of your hardly earned money not sent to your relative is a missed opportunity to solve a problem. So , we also work hard to keep your money where it should be : in your pocket or in the hands of your love ones. Unlike other solutions that costs you 8 to 12% of the amount you send, we charge you 4 times less.

PeeX Technology

We have used the best technologies to developed a platform that makes you a key actor of your own savings. Don’t leave it in the hand of other people anymore and be part of the game like all other Peexers. From your PC, Tablet or phone , our sophisticated matching engine will connect you with other users and allow you to safely conduct transactions.


Don't take us for granted ! Look what our customer say.

Andre W.
Oil and Gas, Engineer

PeeX is an amazing product with a team of champions behind. I save $771( 444,000 FCFA ) sending money to my family this month. These savings will help me to send more next month.

Tony Buntch.
Electrical Engineer, Namur

As a middle income camerounian worker, I've earned back half of my monthly salary in few days transacting with with PeeX. Efficient management of transaction for wonderful results.

Gertrude N.
PeeX User

Since I started using PeeX, I manage the tuition and expenses of Vanessa in the USA with less concern and I can send her more than before

Michelle N.
Student, USA.

My father just can't believe that PeeX is reel: so cheap and so good. He still expect me to tell him one day that PeeX is a scam, he will have to wait forever because PeeX just gets better and better as it grows.

Patrick T.
Professional sport

PeeX is a killer service , I love it !!I . I have saved a lot and I actually made new connections. There is still a lot that can be improve on the service, but it is already great !

Jimmy B.
Business Owner

It was about time to have a service like PeeX in Cameroon. I've been able to save a lot on bank and Western Union fees.I can import more goods since I'm using PeeX.

Pricing Tables

At PeeX, we know any single customer is special and has special needs. There is no one size fits all price for our service. Contact us and we will make you the offer that suits you the best.

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  • Tailored offer based on your needs. We always beat the competition and there is no hidden costs.
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  • Enterprise


  • We will understand your unique company needs and tailor the best price for you. Contact us for more details.
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