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PeeX is a community of people that we know and trust. Our friends and the friends of our friends. Our state of the art platform connect all the members and help them to be part of their money transfer solution.

Your Choice

With PeeX, you have your say on how you want to move your money. We give you the choice and we break the old habits. Join the community and be the future of remittance.

How Peex works


Be known to your peers! Be trusted ! Fill the Sign Up form and start saving money !


Post your transfer offer; provide the amount the destination, the wished date and the beneficiary details.


See potential match to your offer; Check profile of the matched offer owner, accept match and proceed to payment.


Get the details of your peers’ beneficiary ; contact , meet and pay beneficiary. Upload proof of payment in the platform.

At PeeX we know you work hard and any fraction of your hardly earned money not sent to your relative is a missed opportunity to solve a problem. So , we also work hard to keep your money where it should be : in your pocket or in the hands of your love ones. Unlike other solutions that costs you 8 to 12% of the amount you send, we charge you 4 times less.

Peex Technology

We have used the best technologies to developed a platform that makes you a key actor of your own savings.

Don’t leave it in the hand of other people anymore and be part of the game like all other Peexers.

From your PC, Tablet or phone , our sophisticated matching engine will connect you with other users and allow you to safely conduct transactions.


Don’t take us for granted ! Look what our customer say.

Je suis un fan de la première heure de Peex. Dès le départ j’ai été convaincu par cette initiative car elle répond à un besoin réel, celui de transférer des sous à un taux défiant toute concurrence. Je suis sûre que la digitalisation ça finir de sonner le glas des entreprises de transfert traditionnelles. Bon vent Peex

Antoine Buntch

Je suis balbine et j’habite en allemagne j utilise peex depuis pres d’un an sous la motivation de ma soeur. Au depart j avais 1 peu peur que ce soit une arnaque mais grande fut ma surprise de constater que peex est une communauté que se veut n utilise que ca et rien d autre je suis super satisfaite.

Balbine Abena

A convenient, reasonably fast and cost-effective way to transfer cash between the west and the motherland, Peex is definitely a big-time money transactions game changer.

Gilles Diwouta

J’ai eu l avantage d être connecté à  PEEX par les amis de ma fille étudiante aux USA . AUSSI j’ai bénéficie de la confiance des administrateurs du forum pour avoir des transferts des frais scolarite du Cameroun vers les USA sans limitation de montant.A chaque opération mes cocontractants ont réagi dans les 12h au maximum  de la mise en ne peux me passer de ce mode de transfert des lors qu’il est sûr vu la qualité  et fiabilite des suis à  l abri des coûts supplémentaires de transaction.

Gertrude Nkule

Peex has helped me in my not so regular but essential occasional needs for Euros and dollars needs in Europe and the Unitrd states. I live in Lagos Nigeria and I need not explain the challenge most of us have had getting these sorts of needs sorted! I Peexed out of the problem!

Jude Atebe




Tailored offer based on your needs. We always beat the competition and there is no hidden costs.



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