The last mile payment revolution

We created and amazing experience for beneficiaries of your transactions so that you can focus on created the best experience at the origin


PeeX Glue, the omnichannel, next-gen payment API

With PeeX Glue, pay instantly in multiple digital and non digital wallet. Reduce the guessing work for beneficiaries and agents. Enable exceptional cash pickup experience

Extended network

Beside our capability to terminate payments in Bank accounts and mobile wallets, we aggregate a network of 70,000+ cash collection points.

Geolocation and agent matching

Our technology matches the beneficiary of all transactions with the nearest agents with sufficient float to pay his transaction

Beneficiary freedom and control

Cash pickup point are not dicatated to beneficairies.We help them decide when and where to pick their money with a seamless experience


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Amazing journey strated

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Transactions processed


PeeX has garnered more than 15k+ users.



PeeX has garnered more than 15k+ users.

Customer served


Peex has garnered more than 15k+ users.

The thousands faces we put smile on

Thousands of customers get paid daily via PeeX Glue API and they always go back home with smile.

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